Sailing Holidays in Pesaro

Pesaro is a small industrial and holiday centre, at the mouth of Fiume Foglia which enters the sea through a valley between Monte Ardizio and Monte San Bartolo, 3 miles NW, situated about 32 miles NW of Ancona. Port limits extend to seaward for a distance of 1000 m from the light near the head of the E mole between the bearings of 090° and 210° through N. Designated anchorages have been established centred as follows, (positioned from Monte San Bartolo Light (43°55′N12°53′E)): For vessels lightering A - 2 miles NE. For vessels carrying dangerous cargoes B - 3 miles NNE. For vessels carrying mixed cargoes C - 3. 5 miles NE; D - 3. 5 miles ENE; E - 4. 5 miles E. These anchorages should be vacated with the onset of bad weather. Mariners are advised to contact the port authority for the latest information before anchoring.