Team Building Challenge

Team Building Challenge

Set Sail for Success!

Sailing is just like business, all on the same boat with course set on success!

Getting everyone onto a boat makes it clear as to who is on your team. There are so many different roles on a sailboat - you could be steering towards the next waypoint, trimming the sails to gain extra speed, grinding for a successful tack, or simply sitting with your legs over the side to balance the boat.

Regardless the role, everyone contributes to the same end goal. Every single input is important, and results are achieved through clear communication and good cooperation. The energy your staff feels in a sailing race - working for a common goal - is directly transferred into the working environment.

A sailing regatta creates expectations, stimulates everybody to learn new things, offers an important role to every crew member, asks for a sense of responsibility, keeps everyone busy and under pressure and produces tangible, measurable and comparable results.

Team building and corporate sailing events are tailor-made according to your company's goals and expectations and will be matched to your budget.

You can choose to choose to have crews of 5-8 people on each sailing yacht guided by a skipper/instructor and learn about the sailing techniques and the different roles. We can also set up a corporate regatta where several boats race against each other.

Smaller scale events can be arranged on a half-day or one-day schedule.

Bigger events can be for a weekend or even several days. No matter the length of the event, the Sail la Vie team always offers full assistance ensuring safety on board and attention to detail.
Team Building Challenge Team Building Challenge Team Building Challenge Team Building Challenge
In case of a sailing racing event we can suggest either smaller boats for 5-6 sailors per crew (example Beneteau Platu 25) or bigger racing yachts for up to 10 sailors per boat (ex. IMX 40 or similar).

Here below please find Sail la Vie's selection of racing yachts: Click here!
Grasshopper IMX 40 too Naughty Platu 25 Blue Seal Bashford Howison 41 Grasshopper IMX 40 PEGA X-362 Sport Grasshopper IMX 40 Blue Seal Bashford Howison 41 too Naughty Platu 25 PEGA X-362 Sport too Naughty Platu 25 My Way Rodman 42
The Sail la Vie Team is an international group of sailing specialists who will carefully choose the right location, suitable boats and professional skippers according to the desired goals, time plan and budget.

Extra Services:
  • Onshore Accommodation

  • Transfer Service

  • Provisioning & Catering

  • Personalised Outfits

  • Trophies & Awards

  • Final Prize Giving Party

  • Photographer

  • Film Crew

  • Social Network Management

  • Social Responsibility Programs

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Offshore Regattas

  • Sailing With an Olympian

For those who like to take up the challenge, we can provide participation in Regattas around Greece. Read more about Regattas in Greece here.

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