Sailing Holidays in Cyclades, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Cyclades

Some of the most beautiful islands in the world are located in the Aegean Sea! Superb sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue mixed with windmills and domed churches, traditional lifestyle, folklore music, hospitable people and stunning landscapes turn your trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience. Named from the circle they form (Kyklos in Greek) around the sacred island of Delos, the Cyclades (Kykládhes) offer Greece’s best island-hopping.

Cyclades are the number one sailing destination for the cosmopolitan sailors because of Myconos' vibrant nightlife, and also for the most experienced ones because of the Meltemi winds in summer.

Each island has a strong, distinct character based on traditions, customs and its historical development. Mykonos, Santorini and Ios form the touristic heart of the islands, each fulfilling the Greek island dream while being beautiful and vibrant in their own way. Naxos, Paros and Milos are a bit less mainstream and offer wonderful nature, sport activities, sightseeing, entertainment and all you wish from Greek island holiday.

Tinos with the Church of Panagia Evaggelistria is a famous pilgrimage destination and has many special sites to visit.

Moreover there are many smaller and less-known islands like Folegandros for example, once remote behind its tall cliffs, becoming increasingly trendy while Sikinos, with its small population of less than 300 inhabitants, is still little-visited.

The northern Cyclades are within easy reach of Athens. Andros is one of the largest Cyclades, with a varied and rugged landscape. Kea, known as Tzia among the Greeks, is the perfect pit-stop before sailing off into the Meltemi winds, while Kythnos, with its hot springs, remote Anafi and Amorgos are quieter than many of the other islands.