Sailing Holidays in Ikaria, North East Aegean, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Ikaria

Ikaria is an island in the East Aegean sea, a long and narrow strip of land with many natural beauties. According to the myth, it is the homonymous sea around Ikaria where the son of Daedalus fell when the sun burnt his wax wings.

Its climate is mild while its topography presents wonderful contrasts of verdurous slopes bold and steep rocks. Many terrains of the island are covered by big bushes, especially ravines, which give the place a view of rich vegetation.

Ikaria is distinguished by its wild beauty, thick vegetation, tall mountains, lakes, gulches and especially the wonderful beaches. Endless sandy beaches capture visitors’ attention.

Ikaria and its people are famous for feasts and the extremely relaxed rhythms of life. In Ikaria people start working late in the afternoon and in some places you may not find a moving soul during the day.