Sailing Holidays in Genova, Liguria, Italy

Sailing Holidays in Genova

Genova is the biggest city in the Liguria Region and it is characterized by a narrow coastal zone with hills and steep mountains in the backcountry. Genova is the third largest city in Northern Italy in number of inhabitants, as the population amounts to 607.000 people. This number increases to 850.000 when considering the whole metropolitan area. It is one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean and was one of the industrial hubs of Italy in the past. A very large historical center is both a tourist opportunity and a urbanistical and hydrogeological problem. All actors directly involved in the fragile territory is working together to rethink the model of sustainable growth of the entire community. The perception of the changing, evolving and participating city is mandatory for the Municipality. The Municipality is in charge of building effective instruments for a different concept of local administration focused on: quality of life, liveability of the territory and revival of itself by a sustainable economic growth based on research, innovation and technology. Genova as a Smart City is the main vision foreseen in the long-term period and all the initiatives carried on in the early and medium-period will contribute to implement the Framework of the Strategic Management Plan of the City. From this point of view, the City of Genova is actively involved in many research projects focused on resilience, safety and security, education and solidarity, green mobility, better quality of life, eco-sustainable growth and natural environment care, economy and employment, communication and promotion of the City, Port and infrastructures, and city management.