Sailing Holidays in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik - South Dalmatia, Croatia

Sailing Holidays in Dubrovnik

The area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County is rich in carefully groomed landscapes and places of historical significance. This is evidenced by numerous monuments, the most comprehensive archives and lavish treasuries. Famous British writer George Bernard Shaw wrote in 1929: "Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik". It was not praise for the great history of Dubrovnik only, but also for the natural peculiarities of the entire region. Dubrovnik is a world-famous destination primarily for its remarkable cultural sights. The Old Town, surrounded by curtain walls over a mile long, put Dubrovnik in the UNESCO world heritage site list as early as the year 1979. Remains of fortifications which testify to a long history of repulsed invasions can be found throughout the riviera. Bosanka and Molunat are particularly impressive sites. Mokošica and Lozica contain numerous summer palaces, country oases where the sophisticate magnates took their breaks from the urban bustle. Mline will charm visitors with its picturesque old millhouses, built there to harvest the power of numerous freshwater springs, whereas Cavtat, a former Greek colony, is a true jewel of the Dubrovnik Riviera. Trsteno, a quaint village near Dubrovnik, houses the Arboretum, one of the finest examples of Renaissance landscaping and garden architecture. Besides the manor, fountain and statue, the garden has been carefully cultivated from the fifteenth century onwards, and continues to fascinate with the beauty of exotic flora. Another botanical pearl can be found on Lokrum, a small, stunning island just outside Dubrovnik. This favorite picnic spot for the locals is home to the Benedictine monastery, quiet coves with the clearest waters, as well as an intriguing lake known as the "Dead sea." Discreet beaches in pristine natural surroundings likewise await visitors to Srebreno, Plat and Mline. Being a true hit destination, there is enough going on in Dubrovnik to keep a visitor from ever having a dull moment. Besides the nightclubs and beach parties, there is the Feast of Saint Blaise, the Dubrovnik Summer Games, the waterpolo Wild league, the Libertas Film Festival, as well as the Dubrovnik Film Meeting.