Sailing Holidays in Myrtoan Sea, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Myrtoan Sea

Myrtoan Sea is the most beautiful sailing destination in Greece, as it embraces the Peloponnese peninsula. Peloponnese occupies the southern part of Greece. It was separated from the mainland by the cutting of Corinth Canal. Monuments from every histrocial period can be found on the Peloponnese, including great archaeological sites, such as, Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Epidaurus, famous for its Ancient Theatre, Mycenae, Tirynth, byzantine churches, unique settlements and amazing castles.

The idyllic nature of the peninsula is full of forested mountains, captivating valleys, rivers and caves, as well as beautiful islands to discover.

The west coast is washed by the Ionian Sea and has sandy and smooth beaches that merge into the Myrtoan Sea which surrounds the southern part of the Peloponnese. Here crystal clear waters, golden beaches and picturesque fisher villages shape the coastline. This part of Greece is ideal for a special holiday with touring, cultural excursions, wine tasting, sports and connecting to the local history and culture.