Sailing Holidays in Aigialeia, Corinthian Gulf, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Aigialeia

The great number of the cities and villages in Aigialeia are coastal with beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas along with a great number of hotels, rooms, bungalows, as well as bars, clubs and restaurants for your entertainment. Every area in Aigialeia has something different to offer.

The main attraction is the famous Odontotos train that starts from Diakofto and reaches Kalavrita though the canyon of Vouraikos. The train route is considered one of the most beautiful ones in Greece and among the best in Europe. Aigio is considered the capital of Aigialeia since it is the biggest town in the area.

In Aigio visit the church of Panagia Trypiti which was built inside a cave and is located near the harbor, and the square of Psila Alonia. Longos and Selianitika are two villages very close to Aigio with beautiful beaches. Kalavrita is one of the most important mountain tourist attractions with beautiful scenery, a ski center and great history.