Sailing Holidays in Vrachatiou Marina, Velo-Vocha, Corinthian Gulf, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Vrachatiou Marina

Small harbor Vrachatíou (37°57´.9 N – 022°48´.5 E) is in front of small town Vracháti (population 2,500). It is open NE and protected by two moles. The W one is curved and has a total length of 360 m, extending NNE for 150 m, continuing NE for 125 m E and then E for another 85 m. The final part of the west breakwater with a length of 85 meters to the E has suffered severe damage and lies below water. At the end of the submerged part a green buoy is laid. (March 2014).

The light which operated at the end of the breakwater is destructed. The E mole, 160 m E of the former, is also curved, has a total length of 190 m, extends NE for 80 m and turns ENE for 110 m. The coasts of the small harbor are quayed and have depths of less than 1 m near them within 70 m offshore.

Caution Crafts shall always enter the small port using the passage formed between the green buoy and the head of the east breakwater.