Sailing Holidays in Luka Povljana

Luka Povljana is entered between Rt Dubrovnik (44°21′N 15°06′E) and Rt Rastovac, half mile S. The village of Povljana, 0. 7 miles ESE of Rt Dubrovnik, stands on a hill inland from the head of the bay. Both entrance points and the shores of the bay are bordered by a shallow bank which is 280 meters wide in its SE part. Luka Povljana, a small harbour protected by a mole, is situated at the N end of the E side of the bay. Anchorage is not recommended in winds other than the Bora or Scirocco. Suitable anchorages, appropriate to size, are between the entrance point in 13 to 16 m mud, good holding or off Sveti Nikola chapel.