Sailing Holidays in Povljana

Povljana is a small settlement in the south of the island of Pag, located in a large bay, which enables a very good natural position because it is very well protected from the winds. The town is located on a hill that offers a beautiful view of the sea and islands. Given the very fertile ground, people have in the past engaged in agriculture, fishing and animal breeding. The area is covered with vineyards and the tradition of vine cultivation is preserved even today. However, the settlement progressed and today tourism is rapidly developing. As a first form of tourism there was hunting, and for proof we have the remains of one noble house that was visited by hunters from all over Europe. Today you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, clean sea and beautiful nature. The area is ideal for those who want to find peace and rest. For those who actively want to spend their vacation, a great variety of sports is on offer. You can go on cycling tours around the island, sports walking or simply go for a stroll and explore the island. For those who love water sports, they can engage in diving, fishing or surfing. One of the main attractions is mud, which helps in the treatment of various diseases. A little further from Povljane along the beach and the pine forest lies the lake "Segal" which is full of mud. Furthermore, you can also visit Veliko Blato, an ornithological reserve. To visit the reserve you need to buy tickets in the local tourist office, and there you can even get a license for freshwater fishing. In Stara Povljana you can see archaeological sites such as the ruins of an ancient settlement and drywall houses, and in one of the bays you can visit the remains of the old salt pans.The gastronomic offer is very rich and mainly consists of local and healthy dishes, especially seafood which is the pride of the locals. All these dishes can be found in the restaurant "Nirvana," pub "Mornar" or bistro "Leut." If you want to refresh yourself with a drink, you can go to one of the bars -"Stari dvor", "Kampanel" or cocktail bar "Funky Town Cafe" . The village has their own two local klapas that the locals are very proud of, the male choir "Povljana" and the female one "Kalada," which traditionally present themselves at klapa meetings "Povljana in song," and if you happen to be there at that time, make sure to listen to this magnificent music. If you are looking for accommodation it can be found in camp, boarding houses, apartments, holiday homes or in private rooms.