Sailing Holidays in Crete

Sailing Holidays in Crete

Crete (Kríti) is a great deal more than just another Greek island. Crete is the largest Island of Greece, almost a substantial land on its own with a tremendous and unique history. Periplus of Crete is a great sailing experience that we suggest you to explore.

At the same time, Crete has everything one can dream of for an authentic Greek holiday: great beaches secluded bays, remote landscapes, rivers, lakes, gorges, picturesque villages and hospitable people. Quieter and less commercialized places lie west, towards Chania, along the south coasts and east around Sitia. The high mountains of the interior are mostly untouched by tourism.

Heraklion, the capital, often gives a poor first impression but is well worth visiting for its excellent archaeological museum. Also the fabulous Minoan site of Knossos, Phaestos and Ayia Triadha are a must see of Crete. Further east, the up market resort of Agios Nikolaos provides sophisticated restaurants and hotels, while quiet, lazy Sitia is a perfect base for exploring the eastern coastline.

Rethymnon is a pretty old town with strong Venetian influence, a beautiful harbour and an excellent beach. Chania, in the extreme west even beats Rethymnon in terms of style and atmosphere. South of here is the famous Samaria Gorge, one of the best hiking experiences in Greece.

Above all, Crete is the home of the Minoans, Europe’s oldest civilization. The Minoans had a remarkably advanced society, and formed the center of a maritime trading empire around 2000 BC.

From the Greeks the island passed on to Roman occupation, then to the Saracens and later developed into an important part of the Byzantine empire. The Venetians occupied Crete and finally Turkey took over for more than two centuries. During World War II, Crete was occupied by the Germans and attained the dubious distinction of being the first place to be successfully invaded by paratroops.