Glarokavos Fishing Shelter at Pefkochori

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Sailing Tip

In the lagoon Gláros Kávos (Ampára) there is the homonymous fishing harbor. The lagoon is trapezoid in shape, with dimensions 2.700 x 800 meters, and it is connected to the sea through an artificial channel of north direction, 30 meters wide.

For the protection of the lagoon’s entrance from sandbar, cubical boulders have been placed on both sides, with a distance of about 100 meters between them, which extend for 50 meters from the shore. The depths inside the lagoon are irregular and vary from 1 to 4 meters. The bottom is sandy and partially comprised by rocky plates.

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Thermal Spring

Kanistra is a very relaxing place. Rocks, sand and pine trees give visitors the calmness they need.


Paliouri Bay

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It took its name from the homonymousous natural bay, the ideal point to tie up your ship. The characteristic marine color is due to its small depth.

Located just after Glarokavos and before Paliouri beach. The name Chryssi Akti really describes what you will find there: a golden sandy beach and a clear blue sea.

The coastal side of Paliouri. The fun coast of Eastern Kassandra fills stiflingly, constituting simultaneously a point of departure of small boats that offer cruises with destination the opposite Marmaras.

Paliouri Beach

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Amazing golden beach with limpid deep blue waters that attract people of all ages. The pines reach the end of the sea, offering more coolness to visitors.


Odyssey Dive Club

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Diving Center

Triton Scuba Paliouri

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Diving Center

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