Sailing Holidays in Lesvos, North East Aegean

Sailing Holidays in Lesvos

The unique island of Lesvos, located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, is an astonishing contrast to the lush splendor of the rest of the cosmopolitan islands with its mysterious forests, dramatic coastline and rugged mountains. It is a mosaic of attractions, with many unique natural beauties, rare geological monuments, tremendous changes in its landscape, amazing archaeological treasures, settlements of excellent architectural beauty, wetlands, hiking trails, museums of considerable traditional value, unique local cuisine, live pagan events and pilgrimages known across the country.

There are numerous sand and pebble beaches and many sheltered and isolated coves dotted along the spectacular indented coastline. The temperate climate, inland rivers and natural springs contribute to maintaining the surprisingly lush vegetation of the island. Lesvos is renowned for its many varied species of flora and fauna. It is also host to a superb petrified forest located between Eressos and Sigri in the Southwest.