Sailing Holidays in Cythera, Myrtoan Sea

Sailing Holidays in Cythera

Kythira occupies a strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a pristine island with lush green vegetation, consisting of different types of plants and flowers. The sparkling water springs that flow through the inland give to this island a striking beauty.

The monasteries embedded in the hills offer unique sights to visitors. The houses have Cycladic architecture, the quarters are crossed by paved paths and many white churches can be seen stretching around Chora.

Apart from beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages, Kythira has lovely beaches to enjoy; most popular and organized include Kapsali and Agia Pelagia, along with many secluded ones for peace and quiet such as Halkos, Likodimou and Melidoni. Kythira, with its unique beaches, wonderful landscapes and medieval ruins catches the imagination of its visitors as explore it.