Sailing Holidays in Celle Ligure

Celle Ligure is a small jewel of the Italian Riviera: overlooking the sea, with its colourful houses lined up along the coast, sandy beaches and the picturesque alleyways lined by buildings of great architectural interest, including Palazzo Ferri, currently the Town Hall. The old town has preserved all the charm of the original fishing village: the origin of Celle in fact dates back to the 11th century, although the current village along the coast was formed afterwards, where there were only buildings, the cellae from which the village takes its name, used as stores for boats. The pride of Celle Ligure is the wonderful sea front stretching over one kilometre, perfectly integrated into the historical context, today there is an outdoor art gallery dedicated to ceramics, combining the two souls of the country: the historic centre and the Piani. To the east of the town, the Piani district is modern, with many villas, hotels and sports facilities and overlooking a long beach of golden sand. Behind the sea front runs, on the promontory of Crocetta, a stretch of old road called Romana connecting the neighbouring districts and offering an incomparable view of the coast: the crystal blue sea, the green hills, the roofs of tile and slate. Beyond the town, the Bottini pine woods allow a pleasant break in the fresh air, as well as a dense network of roads and trails leading from the coast inland to picturesque villages, churches, chapels and special view points. Celle also has shops and restaurants of the highest quality: to fully enjoy the beauty of its streets, there is nothing better than getting lost between its alleyways and squares, finding shops with beautiful displays where you can browse and buy the finest goods, gift ideas, the best of craftsmanship. And why not be tempted by the queen of streetfoods, the famous Ligurian focaccia? Combine it with the many dishes you can eat on the move or seated at a table at aperitif time. And the best way to end a day of sun and sea in Liguria is to enjoy dinner in one of the many restaurants in the area. They offer different types of cuisine, but all of quality. The extraordinarily mild climate in all seasons, the beauty of the old village, the fine sandy beaches and bathing facilities, appreciated since the first tourists came on holiday at the end of the nineteenth century, have fostered the growth of Celle as a tourist destination. A growth which has been maintained and increased winning important awards, such as the Blue Flag which flies over our beaches in 2017 for the 22nd consecutive year.