Sailing Holidays in Porto Novo

Porto Novo consists of a bay, about 1. 5 miles wide between its entrance points, open NE and affording sheltered anchorage. The SE entrance point is formed by an undulating tongue of sand about 90 m wide and 0. 6 mile long extending WNW from near Chiesa di Santa Maria di Porto Novo at the foot of Monte Conero. Torre Quadrata, a tower (grey, square, crenellated), stands near the N extremity of this tongue and submerged rocks exist within 280 m offshore. The NW entrance point is formed by Scogliera i Travi, a rocky ledge extending about 0. 7 mile ESE and forming a natural breakwater. The inner part of Scogliera i Travi, known as Scoglio delle Mesole and about 650 m long, is above-water; the outer part is submerged with depths of less than 3 m over it and depths of about 10 m close off each side. There are general depths in the bay of less than 9 m, gravel. Good anchorage, sheltered from S winds can be found in the SE part of the bay on the alignment (121°) of Torre Quadrata with a conical rock at the foot of Monte Conero in about 7 m. The N part of the harbour, sheltered by Scogliera i Travi, provides a useful refuge for vessels unable to reach Ancona during a Bora.