Sailing Holidays in Cala di Feola

Cala di Feola lies between Punta Corte and Punta dei Formi, 550 m WSW. Its shores are almost sheer, fringed with rocks and more elevated in the vicinity of the headlands. A large rock lies 50 m off the head of the bay; the village of La Forna (I’ Forni) stands on a hill above the E side of the bay. A rubble breakwater extends NE from the shore 450 m E of Punta dei Forni. An outfall pipeline, lying parallel to the coast, extends about 370 m W from close W of the breakwater root. With local knowledge temporary anchorage can be obtained in a depth of about 12 m 200 m SSW of Punta Corte; smaller vessels can anchor in depths of about 10 m closer in. The anchorage is preferable to others on the W coast of the island.