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Sailing Holidays in Eretria Harbor

The port of Erétria is located at a distance of 11 miles west-northwest of cape Alivéri, in the bay that is formed right to the west of the gulf located between cape Manóli Mýti and islet Pezónisos. The south end of islet Pezónisos is also the southeast end of the port. The entrance of the port is facing southwest, its width is 0.35 miles and it is formed between the south end of the mole and the southern end of islet Pezónisos.

On the inner side of its head, the settlement Erétria lies (5969 residents). A curved mole has been constructed on the ancient submarine mole, 540 meters long in total. The direction of the mole is south. The mole starts from the west limit of the aforementioned cove and protects the port from west. On the west shores of the port’s head there are small jetties.

At a distance of 580 meters north-northeast of the end of the mole there is a quay of southeast direction, 60 meters long at its head, with depths of 5 meters near it. On the northwest end of the islet Pezónisos there is a small harbor available only to boats.