Sailing Holidays in Porto Caras Marina, Sithonia, North East Aegean, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Porto Caras Marina

The small port (marina) Karrá (Pórto Karrá) is formed in the southern part of the sandy beach of the bay of Néos Marmarás. It is an artificial port, suitable for tourist crafts. The penetration of the marina to the southeast reaches about 600 meters. Its entrance is 30 meters wide and open to the west.

It is protected by natural boulders, placed on both sides. Lights are exhibited from their ends (40° 04’,8 N - 23° 47’,8 E) portside and (40° 04’,8 N - 23° 47’,8 E) starboard for the incoming vessels. The axis of the entrance channel heads to 095° and it is marked by two white piles placed on the east quay. The piles carry leading lights, with orange Δ for the front light (40° 05’,8 N - 23° 47’,8 E) and orange for the rear light (40° 05’,8 N - 23° 47’,8 E).

The north and east coasts of the small port are quayed for 450 meters, 1.5 meters high and the depths near them are about 5 meters. Along the shore there are small jetties. On the southeast side and close to the entrance there is a liquid fuel shop. Vessels, before entering the marina, should communicate with the dock master through the VHF 9 channel.