Sailing Holidays in Potami  Beach, Samos, North East Aegean, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Potami Beach

Potami (meaning river in Greek) is an 800 meters long pebbly beach with rather deep and clean sea, not protected at all from the northern winds which raise high waves when blowing. It is situated at the northern coast of the island, some 34 kilometers far from the town of Samos at the Northwest and 2 kilometers after Karlovasi. Accommodation facilities are available only in the broader area, but there is a cafe, a restaurant and a cantina by the sea, for full meals, snacks and refreshments. Not organized at all, the beach is a good choice for those wishing to enjoy a relaxing swim in calmness, not far from Karlovasi. Access from Karlovasi is possible by taxi, by rented or private car and motorbikes.