Sailing Holidays in Maroneia-Sapes, North East Aegean, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Maroneia-Sapes

The municipality of Maroneia-Sapes is located in the southeastof the Rhodopi prefecture. Maroneia-Sapes is the tourist center of Thrace and the wider area. The area boasts a wealth of natural and cultural heritage. It combines a semi-mountainous landscape with clear seas; it offers opportunities for interest mountain trails amid rich flora and fauna and hikes in rare wetlands, which are protected by the Ramsar International Convention.

Mount Ismaros (700 m), at the foot of which lies the municipality of Maroneia-Sapes, dominates the landscape. The area is characterized by its own micro-climate, which favors the cultivation of flora encountered in Central and Southern Greece, such as the capers at Agios Charalambos, thyme, the Austrian pine, the characteristic olive trees of Maroneia, and the grapevine, which has been cultivated in the area ever since the remote antiquity.

The Maroneia-Sapes municipality stands out for its traditional local architecture, with buildings dating from 1884 or earlier. Renovated or new buildings follow the traditional architectural forms. The cultural wealth has been unearthed by archaeological excavations.

This wealth encompasses Neolithic findings at the Maroneia Cavern and the Agios Georgios of Petrota hill (tools, weapons, figurines), monuments and architectural elements from the Classical (the fortification of the town, the temple of Dionysus, houses with mosaic floors), Hellenistic (the theatre of the town), Roman (the monumental gate dating back to Emperor Hadrian’s times) and the Byzantine era (the walls of the town, the Paleochristian basilica with strikinglyoriginal mosaic floors).