Sailing Holidays in Neftina  Beach, Lemnos, North East Aegean, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Neftina Beach

Situated in the far northeastern part of the island, Neftina beach is one of the most stunning sandy beaches of the 100 or so beaches across Lemnos. To reach it, follow the ring road from the capital town of Myrina and move towards Agios Alexandros village. Within walking distance you will find this dream destination with tempting turquoise waters and soft sand lined with volcanic boulders. It is unique in beauty and the clear shallow water make it ideal for families. Bird watching, surfing, water skiing and boat trips are some of the pastimes here. To the south of Neftina beach there is the archaeological site of Hephaestia. The notable cave of Philoctetes at Kaveiria where one can enjoy long dives from the rock is close by. One can also visit the village of Kalliopi known for horse races and the remains of the Kavirion sanctuary adjacent to this place.