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Sailing Holidays in Nidri Marina

Nydrí is a seaside village (population 865) in the prefecture of Lefkáda. It is situated in the E part of the island and it is the best-known and most popular tourist resort of the island. It is the seat of municipality Elloménou.

The coasts in front of the village are quayed for about 185 m, with depths of 3.5 m near them. Almost in the middle of the quay there is a ramp. At the S end of the quayed coasts there is a small harbor (marina), open SE. Depths at its entrance are about 1.1 m, decreasing to 0.4 m near the quay.

To the S of the small harbor the shore is quayed, with depths of 0.2–0.8 m near it. Farther offshore depths increase gradually, with the contor of 5 m within about 55 m off the quayed shore.