Sailing Holidays in Kalamos Beaches, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Kalamos Beaches

Kalamos is located between Lefkada and Aitoloakarnanikis coast, an area of around 20 sq. km. kilometers. The picturesque port of Kalamos on the eastern side is the center of the island. It is the center of the road network. A road leads north to the village Episkopi and the other goes south to the village Kefalas or Porto Leone. The beaches are endless, but the most accessible and known are Myrto and Asprogyali near the harbor, the south Agriapidia, the pine and Kefalas. From the west side is Kedros the Alexaki, the Garden and Trachilos. Ideal place to turn a boat.