Sailing Holidays in Pesada  Small Port, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Pesada Small Port

Immediately N of cape Ágios Sózon there is a NE-facing small harbor, with an entrance opening of about 20 m, which is protected by waves caused by S winds by a windward breakwater, which extends NE for about 50 m. Its outer side is made of natural boulders and the inner side is quayed. Its inner coasts are quayed and have depths of 1 m near them.

On its SW coasts there is a slipway. Small vessels can secure their stern with a long line to the outer part of the breakwater. On the outer side of the root of the mole there is a ramp which is approached by the ferry that in summer performs the service from and to Agíou Nikoláou bay in Zákynthos island.