Sailing Holidays in Aktio-Vonitsa, Ionian Islands, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Aktio-Vonitsa

In the municipality of Aktion–Vonitsa in West Greece, pines, cypresses and wild oak trees compose a landscape of unique beauty. In the wetlands of the Gulf Amvrakikos rare species of birds live, while important is the presence of Caretta Caretta and large numbers of dolphins. In the region, significant habitats are recorded, which have been included in the EU Corine program.

The lakes and lagoons of Voulkaria, which delineated as wetlands through the EU Natura 2000, are under the International Convention Ramsar along with Limeni and Vonitsas lagoon. The lagoon wetland Rouga is also significant and of course all the Amvrakikos Gulf which is the largest wetland area in Greece and is protected by international treaties.

The Municipal Section owes its name to the ancient city Anactorion situated at about the same spot where current Vonitsa is now and was one of the most important cities of Acarnania. The district Thyrreio was also an influential city of Acarnania and eventually believed that it became the biggest in the region. Within the boundaries of the municipality there is also an important historical Aktion area and the common sanctuary of Acarnanians.

Aktion is, at the entrance of Amvrakikos Bay, across from Preveza, which lies just 725 meters. Aktion is now known worldwide, in addition to the Battle of Actium, both from the NATO airfield (aircraft stationed here electronic warfare AWACS). Cape Actium was the famous Temple of Apollo built in the 5th century BC, at Actiumby the inhabitants of the ancient city Anactorium. This temple had been demolished by an earthquake and now it lies beneath the sea level.

Aktion was famous for its horse races and celebrations, which took place every couple of years commemorating the cities of Acarnania Apollo, God of music and the arts. The Battle of Aktion which decided the fate of the top leadership of the Roman state took place in 31 BC in the sea area between Aktion and Preveza.