Sailing Holidays in Gala  Beach, Small Cyclades, Cyclades, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Gala Beach

On your quest for good beaches in Koufonisia, you can go from Platia Pounda to Pori and continue to a small beach called Gala. Gala means milk in the Greek Language and the beach gets this distinctive name from the frothy waves that one can see in the interior of the caves. Gala is basically an open cave connecting the sea via a narrow open corridor and the sea gains entry into this cave through this opening. The small pebbled beach is beautiful and the whispering you hear is the sound of the pebbles that the water is carrying. As with all beaches in Koufonisia, the waters are bluer than blue, clear as clear can be and pure sandy beaches. Gala, though miniature in size, is a breathtaking piece of nature.