Sailing Holidays in Kea, Cyclades, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Kea

Due to its proximity to Attica, Kéa is an easily accessible beauty with a range in scenic views: steep mountains, small fields, olive groves, vineyards, valleys, picturesque coves and off-the-beaten-track beaches. In the island with the largest oak forest in the Cyclades, bird-watching is a real delight.

For those who are into geology, there are plenty of small caves (like in Kálamos and in Áyios Timótheos). Thirty six km long cobbled trails will lead you to the four city-states of the ancient times: Ioulis, Karthaia, Koressia, and Poieessa). Situated in the center of the island, at the site of the ancient city-state by the same name, the capital of Kéa,Ioulis, is a very picturesque town with ceramic-tile roofed houses, cobbled streets, arched passages, steps and squares.

Visit the exhibits highlighting evidence of prehistoric human life in the Neolithic settlement of Kefalá (3.300-3.200 BC) and in the early Cycladic settlement of Ayia Irene. The monastery of Panayia Kastriani (18th century) to the northeast is built on precipitous rocks, and offers an imposing panoramic view. In Kea’s waters the wreck of the Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic lies -a favourite destination for tourists who enjoy diving.