Sailing Holidays in Skinia Beach

Skinias beach is actually a wide area, 4 km southeast of Palekastro and between Snow and Beach Karoumes. A series of small coves with sand and pebbles, crystal clear waters and wild natural beauty. The beaches are completely isolated and of course you need all your essentials. Nudism is definitely not a problem and you will probably only on the beach. The quickest way to reach your Skinias is to take the dirt road from the village Agathias, 1 km east of Palekastro Platyvola to the area and the church of St. Spyridon. From Agathias the distance to the church is about 2-3 km from the church of St. Spyridon will be forced to take the next 1.5 km away. The car will inevitably leave it there because the area is fenced by the shepherds of the area. But there are relevant doors to spend and reach your destination. Anyway, the road from this point is just passable for cars. The area is beautiful and enjoy the scenery especially just before approaching the beaches, where you have panoramic views to the east. The feature here is the absolute solitude and tranquility and enjoy a wonderful swim in the crystal waters of eastern Crete. The surrounding coastline is rocky and wild, so the two beaches very impressive for their beauty. The two beaches are relatively small, but one (north) is sandy and suitable to swim and the second (south) with pebbles. The distance between the two beaches is about 200 meters and there are wonderful rock formations scattered and generally the area is known and suitable for snorkeling and collecting salt in the early summer months. Very often the local area fish there because the sea is rich in fish. The swim will combine the beautiful blue sea with the light and dark wild Cretan mountains surrounding your eyes. The only drawback we have to note is the lack of necessary shade at midday and the way back uphill that will test your physical condition. From the pebbled beach Skinias, a relatively easy and marked path takes you 45-60 minutes after the spectacular beach also Karoumes and in the gorge.