Sailing Holidays in Preveli - Foinikas Beach, Agios Vasileios, Crete, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Preveli - Foinikas Beach

Preveli Beach or Foinikas is also called as the southern coast of Crete, 38 km south of the town of Rethymno, below the monastery of Preveli. Located about 20 minutes after the historic Monastery of Preveli. It is a uniquely beautiful sandy beach with a small forest of palm trees make her look exotic. On the beach, and at the mouth of the river Kourtaliotis, who has enough water even in summer. It forms a small lagoon before flowing into the sea. So the visitor will choose this beach for swimming, has the unique opportunity to swim in salt or sea water or freshwater lagoon and river. Also fantastic experience for visitors is to walk and climb up the river. The palm trees on the river provide shade and rich soil is smooth and sandy. Because of this image gives the unusual environment, the beach is very popular destination for tourists. Well organized beach (sunbeds, umbrellas, bicycles, etc.) and food, coffee, etc. There are two ways to reach the beach, a) means Plakias (bus or car) and then by boat in the morning your day trip to Preveli beach. The boat departs at about 10 am and returns around 4 pm. You get physically relaxed on the beautiful beach, but you will lose the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view from above descending on foot. b) The hard way is to drive your car up to the Monastery of Preveli, leave it in the parking area (marked on), about 1,500 meters from the monastery and then walk to start to go down the path that has many steep stairs is the hardest part of the route.