Sailing Holidays in Psatha Beach

Great sandy beach below Mount Pateras overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and the dense pine forest of the mountain above it, within 20 kilometers of Vilia and 60 west of downtown Athens. After the toll of Eleusis you should exit at Megara N.Peramos. Turn right onto Old Highway. On your right when you reach the island immediately after the Lidl will see a sign that says Alepohori. When you reach the beach turn left to Straw. Turn right. Here in ancient times was another port of Megara on the Corinthian Gulf, Panormos. The current name of the beach is due to the large number of aquatic plants with the main straw, a kind of reed, from which we constructed the famous 'mats'. Although the beach is not organized enough to find food shops, cafes, etc.