Sailing Holidays in Galaxidiou Harbor, Delphi, Corinthian Gulf, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Galaxidiou Harbor

Harbor Galaxidíou is formed in the S side of the namesake bay and comprises two NNE-facing coves. The coves are separated by a low-lying promontory going NE, on which a light operates.

Of the two coves, the one more SE is named Cheirólakkas, it is open SE and has an entrance opening of 340 m. It gets gradually narrower towards the head, where it reaches a width of 30 m. Its coasts are quayed and have depths of less than 1 m near them.

From its head the quayed W coasts, with depths of 3 m near them, extend NE for about 270 m up to a small wharf with depths of 2.3 m near its head. At a distance of 180 m N of the wharf there is a mole extending E for 30 m. Its outer side has been covered with protective natural boulders. Depths near its inner side are less than 1 m.

Caution: The depths at the quayed part from the wharf up to mole are less than a meter and marked by a private fix white light. Berthing in the above motioned part is impossible.

The NW-most of the coves of the harbor is open NE, with an entrance opening of about 380 m and depths of about 3 m in the middle. The E coasts of its head are quayed and have depths of less than 1 m near them. Its W coasts are also quayed for about 150 m, with depths of less than 1 m near them.

Almost in the middle of the quayed coasts there is a jetty extending SE for about 12 m. Its sides are protected by natural boulders. At a distance of 110 m NE there is a curved jetty extending SE for 16 m. Immediately NE of the above jetty there is a mole extending SW for about 20 m.