Sailing Holidays in Korinthou Harbor, Corinth, Corinthian Gulf, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Korinthou Harbor

Harbor Korínthou is artificial, its entrance is open E and protected by a windward W breakwater 540 m long, which extends NE for 255 m and continues E for 285 m. Its outer side, protected by rock ballasting, has a parapet and the inner side is quayed.

For 140 m from the root depths are 6–7.3 m; in the other part they range from 4.8 m at the corner to 7.7 m at the E end. From the root of the mole starts a quay, which extends SE for 380 m and has depths of 6–7.7 m near it. A small harbor (marina) for pleasure boats is formed about 390 meters S of the mole.