Sailing Holidays in Šibenik

Šibenik (43°44′N 15°53′E), an important port accessible to large ocean going vessels, is situated on the shore of the lower reaches of Rijeka Krka and about two miles inland from the mainland coast. It is reached through a number of channels between the inner islands of the Šibenski Archipelago. Rijeka Krka is navigable for a considerable distance above Šibenik. Safe and commodious anchorage can be obtained between lines drawn NW and SW from the head of Gat Krka, 0. 6 miles NNW of Rt Kulina, noting that depths are considerably greater in the lower reach of Rijeka Krka than in the SE portion of the basin, where also, there are several foul patches. Large vessels are advised to secure to mooring buoys, or if none are available, to bollards ashore.