Sailing Holidays in Selca

Selca developed from a pastoral settlement to a stonemasonry center, and into one of the most beautiful places of the eastern part of the island of Brač. The settlement lies only a kilometer away from the sea and proudly defies with it beautiful stone buildings and parks that celebrate stone craftsmanship. In the same village the stone industry was conceived and developed, and today the island of Bračis known everywhere in the world. Today, Selca are also known for their cuisine that is based on domestic production and domestic specialties that are offered in the local pubs and restaurants. The nearby hamlets; Smrčevik, Ostrike, Nakol, Nagorinac, Nadsela and Zagvozd have kept their original shape, relentlessly reminding us of past days and pastoral lifestyle, and you should not miss the experience they offer. Resorts Puntinak and Ružmarin are natural expansions of Selca towards the sea, and are located around the beaches Žirje, Spilice and Radonja. This village with its surroundings is an ideal area for an intimate family vacation.