Sailing Holidays in Puntarska Draga

Puntarska draga (45°02′N 14°38′E), an almost completely landlocked sandy basin, is entered through a narrow, shallow channel leading from the NE part of Krčki Zaljev at Rt Pod Stražicu. The small town of Punat with prominent belfry, lies along the E shore of the basin and is fronted by a quay, a marina and a shipyard. Otočić Košljun, wooded and with a monastery, is situated in the centre of the S part of the basin. Off the E side of the basin abreast Punat in about 4 m, avoiding two submarine cables laid from the N side of Otočić Košljun ENE to the shore and a submarine pipeline; or N of Otočić Košljun in 5 to 8m.