Sailing Holidays in Luka Veštar

Luka Veštar (45°03′N 13°41′E) is entered N of Rt Babo, close off which stands Otočić Veštar. A reef, which extends about 2 miles SSE from a position on the shore 1. 25 miles NW of Rt Babo and over which depths are uneven, lies in front of the bay. Otočić Pulari and Hrid Revera stand on this reef near its root and Otočić Sestrica stand on its outer end. Local knowledge is required. Anchorage suitable for coasters: E of Otočić Sestrica in 11 m, sand. In Luka Veštar, good anchorage, except in W winds, in depths of 4 to 6 m.