Sailing Holidays in Luka Budava

Luka Budava is entered between Rt Cuf (44°53′N 14°00′E) and Rt Seka, 0. 8 miles NE, and extends W and NW with high sides covered in shrubs. At the head the inlet divides into two shallow coves, Uvala Mala Budava extending SW, and Uvala Velika Budava extending NW. A small, red roofed, house stands on the point dividing the two coves. Shellfish breeding grounds, marked by buoys, lie along the NE side of the inlet. A small mole and a health office are situated on the NE side of Uvala Velika Budava. About 450 meters SE of red roofed house in 13 to 20 m, mud good holding, sheltered from the Scirocco; in vicinity of health office in about 3 m with lines to the shore NE.