Sailing Holidays in Trpanj

Trpanj is a town and municipality of Dubrovnik-Neretva County in south-eastern Croatia. Today, it is a well-known summer resort but in the Antiquity it was an important harbor. The place developed near a Roman villa whose fragments of mosaics and walls we can find on the old graveyard. Ruins of a mediaeval fortress rise on the hill above the port. There is the church of Our Lady of Karmen with the Renaissance main altar with the coat of arms of the Gundulic family, in the centre of the town. The new parish church was built in neo-Romanesque style. Mild climate caracterize this village like the whole area. There are beautifull beaches in and around Trpanj, some are sandy, some are stony, some covered with gravel, and some cemented. Nearby pine forests give that special aroma to the sea air and necessary shade for sensitive skin. Some beaches feature a cafe. Families will enjoy special facilities for kids: very shallow sea on the "Luka" beach and jungle gym in the Pine Park in the Town Center. In the authentic Mediterranean ambience full of fruits of the sea and gifts of the land, known by its excellent wines and the cultivation of wine grape, Trpanj welcomes you with its various accommodation facilities, like hotels, boarding houses and apartments. Sports and recreation facilities and intact nature of the island's interior famous for its quality wines attracts many regular guests. Trpanj is also known for medicinal mud.