Alumni Sailing Race

Alumni Sailing Race

Ready, Steady, Go!

In collaboration with numerous international yacht clubs, we bring together Alumni from all over the world to race against each other in Greek waters.

It is an opportunity to effectively exercise the skills of high achieving professionals, planning and decision making, leadership, teamwork, endurance, effective communication, crisis management.

It is a promise of interesting discussions, thought-provoking debates, fun & entertainment, a stimulating and exciting experience!

Suggested Routes

Racing sailing events are tailor-made according to the group's plans and expectations.

You can choose to have crews of 5-8 people on each sailing yacht guided by a skipper/instructor and learn about the sailing techniques and the different roles on a boat. Then we can set up an Alumni Regatta where the boats race against each other.

Smaller scale events can be arranged on a half-day or one-day schedule. Bigger events can be for a weekend or even several days. No matter the length of the event, the Sail la Vie team always offers full assistance ensuring safety on board and attention to detail.

Suggested Yachts

In case of a sailing racing event we can suggest either smaller boats for 5-6 sailors per crew (example Beneteau Platu 25) or bigger racing yachts for up to 10 sailors per boat (ex. IMX 40 or similar).

You can browse our entire fleet here.


The Sail la Vie Team is an international group of sailing specialists who will carefully choose the perfect venue, suitable boats and professional skippers for an Alumni Sailing race.

We can take over all the arrangements for the event to run smoothly:

  • Accommodation
  • Transfer Service
  • Provisioning & Catering
  • Personalised Outfits
  • Trophies & Awards
  • Final Prize Giving Party
  • Photographer
  • Film Crew
  • Social Network Management
  • Social Responsibility Programs
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Any Other According to Your Needs

For further details or for booking please do not hesitate to contact us.