Yacht Charter Services Quality System

In yachting 'life', safety is very important as it lets yachters - skippers and crew - get all the fun yachting can offer. Without safety in place, yachter’s mind is continuously busy trying to predict unfortunate situations and even more to identify methods how to prevent them in case they occur, thus missing the relaxation of the yachting time. So Safety implies Quality yachting time.

On the other hand, if yachts' quality is controlled and even more certified, it means that proper maintenance is done and assessed risks are minimized if not totally mitigated. In other words, cruising on a qualified yacht is cruising in a predictable environment. So Quality means Safe conditions.

In Sail-la-vie, we are focusing on the customer satisfaction and we believe that safe yachting is the ultimate goal of all our services offered. For this reason we have built an integrated quality system that controls the quality of the yacht and its environment. We target through the quality system to ensure safety and our customers to do "Sail-Safe".

Safety <=> Quality