Sailing Holidays in Notio Pilio

Sailing Holidays in Notio Pilio

Notio (South) Pelion is extremely popular and has one of the most stunning and beautiful coastlines in Greece. With the beautiful natural scenery and inspiring landscapes, Notio Pelio is a destination where one can enjoy both relaxing and active holidays throughout the year.

The village of Platanias has a beautiful natural environment and is surrounded by flourishing nature, combining the mountain with the sea and various options for alternative activities and holidays.

There are plenty of historical monuments that visitors can visit, such as the monastery of Agios Spiridon. There are many beautiful churches and monasteries found all over the region, where one can visit and admire the beautiful decorations and artwork inside.

The region is also ideal for those who love nature and trekking. There are many paths that one can follow, passing along inspiring scenery, natural spring waters and where you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views.

Some of the most beautiful and popular beaches in all of Pelion are found here, such as the stunning sandy beach of Mikro, as well as many others.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to simply enjoy the peace and tranquility, or want a holiday filled with fun and adventure, South Pelio has everything one could possibly need.