Sailing Holidays in Samothraki

Sailing Holidays in Samothraki

Samothrace is located in the Northern Aegean Sea and is wreathed by mount Saos, the highest mountain in the Aegean islands. There is evidence of human activity on the rich with archaeological treasures island since the Neolithic times. But it is the Kaviria Mysteries –a religious event of great importance, equal to that of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

High altimeters are prevailed by plane, oak, cedar, and chestnut trees, while the lower parts look like a jungle of shrubs. Hundreds of crystal watered streams flow from mount Saos to rush through the forests all the way to the sea. On their way, they form waterfalls and stone basins, the so called “váthres”.

A nature wonder in the form of a waterfall is situated in the Northeast; it is Kremastó. The water there goes through some iron rocks to obtain a sweet, reddish color before fiercely ending into the sea. Along the north and the eastern coastline there are wetlands formed seasonally. Migratory birds call at the mouth of Foniás, at the wetland of Vdelolimni, whereas the lagoon of Agios Andreas near Kamariótissa is popular with birdwatchers.

The beach of the Gardens with the black and gray shiny pebbles stands out. In the south, there is the only sandy beach of the island, Pachia Ammos (“thick sand”) where you can marvel at the –perched-on-a-steep-rock chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa. The fascinating bottom of the sea and the underwater life abundance appear transparent through the crystal clear waters.

Chóra, a traditional village hanging on steep slopes, is the enchanting capital of Samothrace. Its cobbled streets lead high on the hill to the medieval castle of the Gateluzi family. The Folklore Museum and the Church of the Assumption (1875) are worth a visit.