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Nea Kios is a small modern town in the shores of the Argolic Bay, very close to the two big cities of the prefecture, Argos and Nafplio, and to the mouth of two rivers, Erasinos and Inachos. The inhabitants of Nea Kios are mostly occupied in fishing and agriculture. For the last few years, tourism has been flourishing, with the beaches of the area attracting summer visitors.

All year long there are various cultural events organized by the city’s authorities. The Cultural Society organizes the week long “Mikrasiatika” festival (festival for Asia Minor) every July. This festival is mostly about music and dance, mainly from Asia Minor. July is also the month of the all-Peloponnesian backgammon tournament, organized by the Society of Kios People Worldwide.

Another important festival is the “Kiana”, organized every August for two weeks, with theatrical and musical performances. Then there is the annual “fisherman’s festival”, where the various plates of freshly fried fish and seafood, together with the wine and the traditional feast taking place, guarantee top gastronomic entertainment. The town’s cultural societies all have some amateur theater and dance groups, while the municipality has its own choir and band.

The Cultural Society organizes special carnival events every year. There is also the Shrove Monday feast (gr. Koulouma), which Nea Kios is famous for, with Lenten food and wine offered to by-standers. Another important custom is the “burning of Barabbas” on Good Friday. Close to Nea Kios, Timenio Beach is famous for its mud springs.

Nature lovers are attracted to Nea Kios. Its beach and the Roumani swamp have a small natural treasure hidden in the reeds: the magnificent birds of various species that find refuge there and are an important part of the fauna of the region. The swamp thereabouts is ideal for a stroll; just gaping at the ducks next to the picturesque fish-pier on the river bank of Erasinos, is majestic. The area however should be better protected; it is in danger, even though listed among the most important wetland habitats of the Argolida Prefecture.

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In Nea Kios beach, since 1995, every summer takes place a backgammon tournament. It is organized by the NE Peloponnese Paraplegic Association in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Backgammon.

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