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Acharnes is one of the biggest in extent municipalities of the prefecture of Attica, which was characterized as an Olympic municipality among others in 2004. Acharnes was the most main built-up and economic center after the city of Athens during Ottoman rule. Revolutionary headquarters were established in the municipality and an armed action began against the Turks.

Important monuments at Acharnes are the Mycenaean Vaulted Tomb in Kokkinos Milos, the Tomb of Sophocles in Varibobi, the Ancient Theatre in a central section of city, the Aqueduct of Adrian and the Archanian Sewer. The municipality of Acharnes constitutes the point of departure and report for the mountainous volume and the natural suburban environment of Parnitha.

Founded in 1961, The National Park of Parnitha covers an area of 300 km²and until the 2007 fire was the lung of Attica. Over 800 plants and herbs covering 17% of the Greek flora were recorded. The area’s fauna includes many species protected under law both at national and international level.

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Paradisos park of entertainment and education are always open and waiting for you to create the mood! Through Nature created the perfect place to escape with your friends from the stress of everyday life. Work out in our 5 modern stadiums (6x6) and relax in the Spa Center and Cafe in warm us.

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  • Berths 10
  • Built 2006
  • Length 50.00 ft

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