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Agios Efstratios

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Agios Efstratios is a small island in the northern Aegean sea, ideal for a calm vacation amongst unspoiled nature. The landscape consists of beautiful beaches, sea caves, rare geological formations (due to the volcanic rock) and oak forests. For this reason, the island along with the surrounding coastal region has been included in the European "Natura 2000" network.

The island was named after Saint Efstratios, who lived in the island in the 9th century as an exile, because he was opposed to the iconoclastic policies of the Byzantine Emperor Leo the Armenian. His grave is still being shown by the inhabitants.

Agios Efstratios village is the only one in the island, located in the northwest side. The small harbor with a wonderful view of the sunset is suitable for fishing boats and small vessels. This is the departure point for trips to the island's beaches.

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Agios Efstratios Port

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Agios Efstratios Small Port

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Small Harbor

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