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Kalamata developed to a rich urban center and important port because of the high quality of goods produced such as, olive oil, raisins and figs. A plethora of religious monuments and buildings illustrate the city’s history in a most vibrant and colorful way. Many of these buildings have been turned over to new uses and are wonderfully renovated to host cultural activities.

The Castle built in the place where Fari citadel once was, has an amazing view. It was built during the 13th century by Geoffrey Villehardouin and underwent further addition and transformation by the Venetians. Nowadays, an open air theater operates in its interior.

The broadening of Aristomenous street gave a significant boost to the city’s trade and construction sectors. In the original (northern) section of the street and those leading off it a significant number of neoclassical buildings are to be found, while several public services and the Railway Park are situated in the main square.

In the west where the city marina is, many coffee houses and bars operate. East of Kalamata, in the middle of Messinia and Laconia districts, the imposing and magestical Taygetos, the tallest mountain of Peloponnese, stands. The rare flora and fauna of the area, the picturesque villages on the slopes of the mountain and the beautiful gorges offer hikers a unique experience.

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Kalamata Marina

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Kalamata marina is situated in South Peloponnese, in the cove of the Messinian Gulf, 8 Km for the Kalamata International Airport (IATA: KLX). It is considered the ideal mooring place when passing from the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea.


Kalamata Municipal Theater at kalamata

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Modern Theater

The Municipal theater of Kalamata was built in 1984. It has two stages, the central stage and the new stage.

Akovitika Beach

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Anastasi Beach

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Filoxenia Beach

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Mikri Mantineia

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Verga Beach

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Dive Way

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Diving Center

We are located in the area of Kalamata at Peloponnesus - Greece. In our center we offer scuba diving courses from PADI & ANDI organizations and apnea - free diving courses from Free Diving Institute (FDI).

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