Anchorage Mesoggi

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Anchorage Mesongí (39°28΄.8 N – 019°56΄.1 E) is at the N extremity of the cove Psaras. The estuary of Messogí river is located right north from the namesake settlement. The river is navigable by vessels for some distance upstream. In these part there are quays used by local vessels.

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Korission Lake

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Korission Lake is an excellent place for bird watching. It is located in the south-western part of Corfu and provides an important ecosystem for a range of species, and a stopping area for migrating birds from Africa.

Lagoon 39 (4cab) Economy

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2015
  • Length 39.00 ft


Limanaki Mpoukaris

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Limanaki Psaras

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Boukari Small Port

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Small Harbor

Bavaria C45 Prestige (4Cab)

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2019
  • Length 45.00 ft


One of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu, with sand and brick. Located south of Corfu Town and offers water sports facilities and a wide variety of restaurants.


The cave is 22 km away from town of Corfu, but it is very close to Byzantine Fortress of Gardikiou. The Gardikiou Grava is a small cave, where tools, firestones and animal bones were found.

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