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Greece is one of the most famous sailing holiday destinations worldwide. Renowned as the birthplace of democracy and the wellspring of philosophy, ancient drama and byzantine art, Greece invites every visitor to admire archaeological sites and historical monuments that have inspired all the civilizations throughout the ages.

With thousands of picturesque islands Greece has the largest coastline of Europe and offers a rich diversity of stunning landscapes to explore.

Sailors are attracted to the Greek Archipelago due to its typically Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers, constantly fair winds and mild winters. From the Ionian Sea in the west to to the Aegean Sea on the eastern coast there are 9 different sailing areas to discover.

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Ionian Islands

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The Ionian Island Group is composed of 7 islands (Eptànissa in modern Greek) each of them with a distinct character and one more beautiful than the other. They lie off the west coast of Greece and start with Corfu and Paxos in the north, Lefkada, Ithaca and Kefalonia in the Central Ionian and Zakynthos in the south. Ionian Islands are the most famous sailing destination in Greece.



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Some of the most beautiful islands in the world are in the Aegean Sea! Gorgeous sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue mixed with windmills and domed churches, traditional lifestyle, folklore music, hospitable people and stunning landscapes turn your trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience.

Named from the circle they form (Kyklos in Greek) around the sacred island of Delos, the Cyclades (Kykládhes) offer Greece’s best island-hopping. Cyclades are the number one sailing destination for the cosmopolitan sailors because of Myconos' vibrant nightlife, and also for the most experienced ones because of the Meltemi winds in summer.

Sporades Islands

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The North Sporades Island group lies off the eastern shore of the Greek mainland and consists of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros. Sporades means "the scattered ones" an expression that was used in Classical Antiquity to refer to the Aegean Islands lying outside the central archipelago of the Cyclades. Sporades are the third most famous sailing destination in Greece.


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Curving tightly against the Turkish coast, almost touching Anatolia, the twelve islands of the Dodecanese (Dhodhekánisos) lie in the most eastern part of Greece. Dodecenese is the second most famous sailing destination in Greece.


Saronic Islands

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The rocky and partly volcanic Argo-Saronic Islands, lie just in front of the mainland and most of them are only a short sail away from the Athenian Coast. Saronic Gulf is the best destination to combine a short stay in Athens and a sailing holiday in the beautiful nearby islands.

North East Aegean

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In the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea, you will find an impressive collection of five big island: Ikaria, Samos, Lemnos, Lesvos, Chios, and eight smaller ones, Agios Efstratios, Agios Minas, Antipsara, Thymaina, Oinousses, Samiopoula, Fournoi and Psara. It is the most unexplored sailing destination in Greece.


Myrtoan Sea

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Myrtoan Sea is the most beautiful sailing destination in Greece, as it embraces the Peloponnese peninsula. Peloponnese occupies the southern part of Greece. It was separated from the mainland by the cutting of Corinth Canal. Monuments from every histrocial period can be found on the Peloponnese, including great archaeological sites, such as, Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Epidaurus, famous for its Ancient Theatre, Mycenae, Tirynth, byzantine churches, unique settlements and amazing castles.

The idyllic nature of the peninsula is full of forested mountains, captivating valleys, rivers and caves, as well as beautiful islands to discover.


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Crete (Kríti) is a great deal more than just another Greek island. Crete is the largest Island of Greece, almost a substantial land on its own with a tremendous and unique history. Periplus of Crete is a great sailing experience that we suggest you to explore.


Corinthian Gulf

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The Corinthian Gulf is a fiordlike extension of the Ionian Sea, watering the northern coast of the Peloponnese and the western mainland of Greece. Corinthian Gulf is famous for the Delphi Ancient Town, the center of world as concidered by the Ancient Greeks. The sea is calm and the nature is stunning.

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